We’ve all had these lapses to some extent. But for many, the ability to hang onto a linear thought and fulfill the action in this physical plane is becoming harder and more tedious as we continue to “step out” of our consciousness during these attempted physical transactions. What this means is we are currently functioning in two realities, straddling our consciousness between the physical Earth and the multidimensional Earth, while physically existing in the current Earth plane. It is becoming more difficult for many of us to do both, and some of us may be questioning our sanity as we find ourselves stepping out more and more regularly and forgetting our conscious intent on a regular basis.
But this continuing phenomenon will become clearer as we move toward the galactic threshold, spending far less time in the physical body where we dwell in this plane of consciousness, and more time in the alternate dimensions. What this means is the more time we spend out of body, the more we will acclimate ourselves to the eventual and total separation from this reality. The actual “jump” will be painless, at least for those with peaceful and harmonious intentions. One day it will just seem like we’ve awakened to a new world when in fact, we will have just “let go” of the old and allowed the new world to become the new and primary focus of our attention.

The concepts of multidimensional awareness and alternate realities may seem scary to some but for others it should be a relief to know that those lapses which we are experiencing, and which are becoming more and more predominant, are actually serving a purpose and preparing our higher self for the eventual and permanent shift into a higher vibration of consciousness. It cannot be done in any other way because the higher vibrational energy is alien to us and we must first acclimate to it as one would attempt to acclimate to a different gravitational source. It must be done gradually so that our discomfort level remains minimal.

Keep looking forward and focus on kindness, peace and harmony. That is the reality you will find yourself in when all has been said and done.


At 9:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow...I just thought I was getting old and forgetful... like I forgot where I am and where I was going... OK I use to think that you had to choose just one dimension at a time... I like to multi-task on more than one dimension at a time... go figure


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